Help I forgot! Correcting mistakes when Painting – 4950 -#19 The Arch Window

19 Arch Window - ©2018 - Cathy Read -Watercolour and Acrylic

Painting Number 19 is an Arch Window.

With this challenge I’m finding my interest waxes and wanes. This painting was a distinct interest painting. I found a good image to work on. Plus, whenever I hear the phrase Arch Window, I’m reminded of Children’s TV. As a child watching after school and later with my own children. The round, the square and the arch window. Why are the BBC so fond of this transition device? Windows are wonderful, and they allow us to view the work without leaving our homes. Yes, I was feeling a little nostalgic. All good to fuel creative energies.

Painting number 19 started well, I was demonstrating up at Claydon and, as I started painting, realised I’d intended to mask the window fully but only done the outlines. It was too late to change, so I persevered. The results weren’t to my satisfaction despite efforts to salvage the situation. Setting the painting aside for a few days was the only option. Sometimes you just  have to give things space.

Here’s what I had.
©2018 - Cathy Read -
©2018 – Cathy Read –

After a week I returned and started to develop it  further. I had to use white ink to fill in the arch window. Something I studiously avoid as white ink can result in muddy whites and never looks as clean as the paper itself. But needs must and I bit the bullet. It started to come together, not at first  but in time and several layers. After hours of tweaking, I was eventually happy enough to start removing the masking.

Here’s the result after that session.

©2018 - Cathy Read - 19 The Arch Window - Watercolour and Acrylic 17.8 x17.8cm
©2018 – Cathy Read – 19 The Arch Window – Watercolour and Acrylic 17.8 x17.8cm

And the finished piece.

It has worked, although I wish I’d remembered the masking. Would have been so much easier! You’d think by now I’d remember every time, but that’s the downside of demonstrations, your train of thought can be interrupted at the worst possible moment.

19 Arch Window - ©2018 - Cathy Read -Watercolour and Acrylic
19 Arch Window – Cathy-Read – ©2018 -SOLD

Curious about the 49 50 Painting Challenge.

#4950Paintings Challenge

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