Church Tower painting -Is the universe conspiring against me? #4950Painting 12

Painting in progress of Radclive church tower

Part of the 49/50 Painting Challenge.

Some weeks go more smoothly than others.

This week should have been easy.

  1. I decided to do the tower, which should have been last week.
  2. I’ve had some wonderful suggestions, there’s a wonderful water tower near Mursley which would have been fantastic, I’d need to go for a drive.


  1. I’ve had car trouble so photo opportunities were restricted. Which has meant I’ve had to keep it really local.
  2. My inspiration/ideas were thin on the ground,

Until I remembered church towers!

There are a few of those around Buckingham. I settled for Radclive Church, partly because it’s a simple little tower, but also because it’s next to where my studio was in Radclive, and it seemed fitting.

Here’s the work in progress.

Painting in progress of Radclive church tower
13 Radclive Church Tower

The finished Radclive Church Tower painting.

Painting of stonework of Radclive church tower
Painting of stonework of Radclive church tower

Having finished, it still feels a bit too traditional for me.

So, I might be kicking over the traces for the next one, 13 Tap.

I already know exactly what it will be!

Curious about the 49 50 Painting Challenge.

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