Too Hot? Appreciating the Humble Water Tap. #4950Paintings

Painting of an outside tap on a brick wall at Claydon House

Part of the 49/50 Painting Challenge. Find out how it began here.

Could it be that Summer is here?

Or did I speak too soon? I know, this is England, so probably not. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Whilst I’ve been enjoying the sunshine, this week’s subject seems especially apt. When it’s hot, you really appreciate

The humble water tap

And this water tap is certainly as humble as you can get.

Mass produced, relatively new and basic in style.

Taps are everywhere, and rightly so. With warm weather we enjoy the ready source of water, the source of life, especially for plants on a hot day. Instant access to fresh water or hot water for bathing.

We take them so much for granted.

When we were converting our home from a chapel, we lived with a single water tap that wasn’t even securely fixed to the wall. Every time we needed water we had to get a jug or a bucket or a kettle (and often a torch) and go to th back door to fill it. We had no hot water tap, or indeed any other taps for 5 months. We relied on visits to our friends and new neighbours for showers/baths when we could. People are very generous in these situations. At least we had water in the same building and it gives you a real appreciation for how fantastic the tap is.

So, this humble tap seemed the perfect choice.

Ordinary, plain, but essential to daily life. It may be humble in appearance, but it’s located in a very grand setting, the Stable courtyard at Claydon House. Tucked away in the corner between the cafe and the framers.

And it gave me the chance to capture stunning ancient brickwork .

Here’s the work in progress shot.

And the finished piece

Painting of an outside tap on a brick wall at Claydon House
Water Tap ©2018 – Cathy Read


The first prints of the 4950 series are now at the Buckingham Tourist Information Centre in the Old Gaol and at the Claydon Gallery with some of my London Paintings.

Find out more about the 49 50 Challenge

#4950Paintings Challenge

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