Life and Death in a London Landscape


London Landscapes are full of surprises.

One thing I love about the London Landscape is the way the city varies as you walk around. Cities like London never stand still. As one part dies back a new structure is built over the remains.

Some features like The Tower have stood the test of time, surviving for centuries

Whilst others appear transient, flimsy, functional structures that will house (or should that be office) employees. The one’s intended to stand out will always grab our attention. There may be differences in opinion as varied as there are tastes, but they will always grab our attention. Swaths of glass, tinted in myriad hues. Curving parabolas that focus the rays of the sun with catastrophic effect.

Walking along the Thames last year I noticed the distinct outline of the growing office buildings of the financial district of London.

Predominantly new offices at the back with more established ones in the foreground. Then there’s HMS Belfast. A Warship floating on the Thames as it has done for years.

Symbols of growth and prosperity next to a beautiful and deadly symbol of destruction.

My first Completed painting of 2017 captures that view.

And it’s my second attempt at creating a Stop-motion Video using my phone. I’ve added a few stills to show how it developed. It’s a lot shorted than previous videos. There is no sound but I’d like to add some at some point.

Here’s the finished painting


The title has kept changing but I’m warming to

“Life and Death in a London Landscape”

What do you think or can you come up with something better? Let me know in the comments.



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