Crossley Engine Painting emerging from chaos.

©2016 - Cathy Read - Crossley Engine - Watercolour and Acrylic -

A painting emerging from chaos

it’s a magical moment in the progress of any artwork. With my paintings it’s the final step in the creative process, where the dramatic transformation takes place. You can see that moment happen later on.

Yes, last week I promised you video,

and I have it for you, although I need to set the scene first.

The engine in question is outside the Science Museum in Manchester.

This weeks painting has a very personal connection. The engine in question is outside the Science Museum in Manchester and has a personal connection. Crossleys were a prominent Manchester engineering firm and my dad worked for them for most of my childhood. So it’s a name I know well. My Dad loved engines, and I think some of that love has rubbed off on me.
When I saw the engine outside the Science Museum was by Crossleys, I was keen to incorporate it into one of my pieces.

Here is a close up painting detail of the main wheel.

The picture in progress next to the reference image.

Most of the painting has been done by this stage.

And another detail at the painting stage.

You can see the salt is doing it’s work.

Next, some video of the masking removal.

I’m still amazed at how quickly this one cleaned up. My apologies for the sound on the video. I think you can tell what’s going on without worrying about trying to hear it. Will make a conscious effort to speak more clearly on the next one.

And finally, you can see the masking fluid has been removed and we are left with

The finished painting.

If you want to see other videos of paintings being created, then you might like to check out my

Youtube channel


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