A Gherkin Emerges – A painting unmasked.

The Gherkin inspires reaction.

Everyone has an opinion, it can be good or bad but I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t respond. I personally love the Gherkin which is why I draw it so often.

This particular creation was started for a demonstration to Winslow and District Art Society. I’m always wary demonstrating with an architectural piece, just in case I forget something. I’d started the masking with the intention of finishing it during the demonstration. Unfortunately it was difficult for the audience to see the masking so I jumped straight to the painting phase. I did more at the studio before the revealing stage, when the masking fluid is taken off.

Watch my Gherkin painting emerge from the chaos.

Here is the finished painting unmasked.

©2015 - Cathy Read - Gherkin- Watercolour and Acrylic ink - 40.5x30.5cm - £240 unframed
©2015 – Cathy Read – Gherkin- Watercolour and Acrylic ink – 40.5×30.5cm – £240 unframed


Until a painting’s unmasked, I never know how it will look. There is no way to tell what the result will be.

That moment I actually remove the masking is a magical transformation.

I’m a little disappointed with this one because it’s not how I intended it to look. I planned masking in more detail and I’m regretting my decision to go ahead.  So I will probably redo this one. I’ll share when I do!

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