Masking Tips – Removal without Ripping.

©2015 - Cathy Read - removing masking - digital image

Crunch time, will it tear?

If you’ve used the right paper and remembered the dry rule then now is the moment of truth. Will it tear? First of all remember to…

Go Slow!

If you saw the video in my last post, then you’ll realise the more you rush, the more likely you will tear the paper. Even if you’ve removed as much masking as I have.

So take your time!

Then, even if the unthinkable happens, you can avert a major disaster.

Press down.

Rub your finger over the dry masking to loosen it. If you can get a string started, then you can pull it, but don’t do it too fast and avoid pulling it at a 90 degree angle to the paper.

©2015 - Cathy Read - removing masking - digital image
©2015 – Cathy Read – removing masking – digital image

If you are pulling off a large area it’s good practice to use two hands. I find if you place one finger of the assisting hand on the masked area at the point where it is lifting off the page. Then press gently on the dry masking area as you pull carefully with the other hand. Reposition the supporting hand as required.

Change direction

If the paper starts to tear, just stop and approach from the opposite direction.

And that’s it, my tips to removing masking fluid without ripping the paper.

More Masking tips to follow soon.

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The Masking Tips posts are aimed to help you with the use of masking fluid in watercolour painting.

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