Which Way? Perils of One Way streets.

Urban art inspiration from the back streets of London©2012 - Cathy Read - Which way - Mixed media -38 x 28cm

Can you name a London Street?

Chances are, if you can, you’ll say  a major one like Oxford Street, The Mall or Piccadilly. We all know the main routes but what about the side streets, and there are many?

London’s small streets are a maze. Keep to the main routes and it’s pretty straightforward. Nip down a side street and, if you don’t know the area, you can easily get lost.

This painting continues on from yesterday’s theme of getting lost in the city.

The image focus on the two arrows which show the way for cars. The middle one directs you down a street but from this angle you can’t see if there’s a road there or not.

Although it’s clear where you are, it may not always be clear which way to go. On foot many roadsigns can be ignored so are still helpful. If you’re driving, there’s whole new catagory of hell…


That moment when you’re wondering which way you should go and realise there’s only one way you can! The signs direct you but you’ve no idea if where they’re taking you is where you need to go.

When driving it’s frustrating to see a landmark and know where you want to be but having to trust the signs and follow where they take you. And if it seems to be away from where you wish to go, you still have to go.

©2012 - Cathy Read - Which way - Mixed media -38 x 28cmWith narrow streets this is especially stressful.

You cannot see if the route is the right one until you’ve finished it. You can get blocked by ill considered parked cars. Or miss a turn and end up at one of those former junctions which have now been pedestrianised. You can see the road you need to be on but can’t reach it without it turning into the Mall scene from The Blues Brothers with people diving out of the way everywhere.

Frustrating though they may be, being led on a wild goose chase has one advantage.

The unexpected tresures you stumble across on the journey!

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