The Journey begins…

©2012 - Cathy Read - The journey begins- Mixed media - 75 x 55 cm

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

According to Lao Tze. These words still ring true although now we’re much more inclined to use mechanical means such as the train rather than walk. The first step of a journey begins the adventure.

This train at Marylebone station is ready to depart and I wondered how many adventures have begun from this platform? It’s a thought that constantly plays on my mind whenever I travel.

People watching is fun!

We see them board trains, buses, and cars all the time, their destinations unknown. From the small local trips to the epic voyage for an exotic location. For some this train will complete the journey, for others it is one stage in an exciting adventure. The possibilities are endless?

©2012 - Cathy Read - The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm
©2012 – Cathy Read – The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm

Will it be routine?

The daily commutes to work, school , college or maybe to the shops.

Maybe to an event?

A concert with your favourite band, a play, a party or a wedding? Or perhaps to meet up with old friends for a catch up? Or an exotic adventure! Perhaps to some far off land with sun kissed sands, or skiing on a frozen mountain. The choice is yours. Imagine you could go anywhere or do anything…

Where would you go?

The Journey Begins… is one of my early London Series paintings. You can see more here.

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Marylebone painting from ©2012 - Cathy Read - The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm
©2012 - Cathy Read - The journey begins- Mixed media -76x56cm

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