London Calling the Walkie Talkie building


Building melts cars!

Or so the headlines went the construction of 20 Fenchurch Street or the Walkie Talkie was nearing completion in Sept 2013. Somewhere in the planning of a skyscraper that faces south nobody had considered that concave glass surfaces focus the sun’s rays. Dispite the fact it’s happened before! This was the first time I’d heard of the Walkie Talkie Building as it’s been dubbed.

Naturally it was added to my “To do” list for painting.

Well, with an introduction like that, how could I not paint it? On the photography session I decided to include some London symbolism and the underground sign has a simplicity which I’ve always loved.

I’ve always had a thing for the perfect symmetry of circles.

After deciding on this angle with the subway railings in the foreground, I waited for a bus or two, to complete the composition. As I painted I played around with titles based on London and symbolism but nothing seemed to gel.

As is often the case as I work, I have music playing.  The idea of the Walkie Talkie and communication dominated my thoughts and it wasn’t long before an appropriate tune started. Which was…

The Clash song, London Calling

©2014-Cathy-Read-London-Calling-Watercolour-and-Acrylic-17.5×25-cm (SOLD)


I love how things just seem to fall into place sometimes. Don’t you?

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