Work in Progress-Contemporary or Modern Oxford Art?

Do you use the term contemporary or Modern Art

When referring to the current art scene? I know many artist friends use Contemporary or modern equally and you’d be forgiven for thinking they are the same. But not so…

I’ve been painting Lady Margaret Hall or LMH

It’s very much a Victorian building. Another of the pieces I’ve done for the Modern face of Oxford Commission. Although it feels like modern is pushing it to my mind. This is where I am so far…

©2013 - Cathy Read - Lady Margaret Hall work in Progress - Pencil - 55 x 75 cm
©2013 – Cathy Read – Lady Margaret Hall work in Progress – Pencil – 55 x 75 cm

We could start a contemporary or modern art debate…

and go on for hours…

Yes, there is a difference.


Until 5 years ago I was blissfully unaware that Contemporary or modern art could be differentiated. Until I decided to look them up and found clear distinctions between the two genres but, more than that, it’s open to interpretation and debate. Partly fueled by confusion, the various meanings of the two words and an implied understanding in common usage.

Words is all they are,

And yet so much more is implied. Like the terms “art” and “artist” Their use is commonplace but the definitions have evolved into a myriad different strands.

But I found this useful architectural comparison which should open your eyes if you were unaware of the difference.

Even style cannot be extricated from this confusion…

Since some would argument that any artist creating work today is “Contemporary”. Like so much in the Art world the debate will continue with no hope of a definitive answer. Like the question of which is better the city or countryside? The answer will always depend on what you’re looking for.

So what do you think?

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