Japanese Woodblock Printing Part 2

So, after sharing how the woodblock’s are made on Wednesday. Onto the next stage…

The printing.

The Printing block is first soaked with water. The Watercolour paint is applied on the printing block with “nori” (a cooked rice flour and water paste) added. A dense soft brush is used to mix them together and cover the block evenly. Excess moisture is then removed.

Next a damp piece of paper is lined up with the Kento marks and allowed to drop onto the block. A piece of Greaseproof paper is applied and the area is rubbed using a Bamboo Baren.

The paper is then lifted and the print revealed.

Proofing stage – if the block needs any adjustments these are then carried out.

These stages are repeated with each colour

And then the edition printing begins.

Now, if you’re wondering how I got on with the rest of my printing…

I’d chosen quite a complicted design so didn’t spend much time printing. My technique requires practice. But the initial results are promising. I’ll need to clean up the block some more. But here’s one of the 4 original proofs.

©2012 - Cathy Read - Japanese Woodblock Artist's Proof
©2012 – Cathy Read – Japanese Woodblock Artist’s Proof

As I said, need more practice but it’s promising.

Next week I’m tackling the Lloyds Building…

There may be swearing!


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