Ever wondered what really goes on inside an Office?

©2012 - Cathy Read - What's behind the curtain- Mixed media-28x38cm

Ever wonder what’s behind the glass of those Office blocks?

The internal workings of a building are not something you see everyday unless you’re a construction worker. I’m always amazed how they manage to put so much glass/windows in. They look like giant greenhouses.

Part of my brain looks at them and cries out that their existence is imagined.

Like Father Christmas they do the impossible!

Or so it seems.

But when you look at the inside, there is structure and support hidden within. And there’s the point, hidden. Behind a giant curtain of glass. It’s even called curtain walling.

Occasionally you get to see a naked building before the curtains go up, so to speak.

And they’re really rather fascinating.

Have a Look!

©2012 - Cathy Read - What's behind the curtain- Mixed media-28x38cm
©2012 – Cathy Read – What’s behind the curtain- Mixed media-28x38cm

Next week I’ll be sharing something different…

What I discovered at a Japanese Woodblock workshop I did this week.


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