Time for a Change Perhaps? Collage Mills

Ever get bored doing the same old thing?

In order to get good at anything repetition is important. Practice makes perfect as they say.

But when you do the same thing all the time, no matter how much you enjoy it.

Doing something different is fun!

So when someone commissions me to do a painting in a style I haven’t used for a while, I get excited!

Like when I was asked to do a collage work of Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, Cheshire.

Stage 1©2012 - Cathy Read -Work in Progress 1 - Quarry Bank Mill - Mixed media-41x58cm

Application of paper and papyrus.

Stage 2

©2012 - Cathy Read -Work in Progress 2 -Quarry Bank Mill - Mixed media-41x58cm

and then the initial painting…

See the completed painting on Saturday!

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