Gherkin Painting Revelation!

Painting of the Gherkin , Looking upwards and the curved glass architecture London©2012 - Cathy Read -Touching the sky - Mixed media-75x55cm - £810 unframed

Catching my breath at last!

After a frenetic few months, there will be a lull in exhibitions after November, and I’m quite looking forward to it!

Chance to catch up with some painting then?

And without further ado I reveal my latest Gherkin Painting!

Painting of the Gherkin in London - Touching the sky - ©2012 - Cathy Read -Mixed media-75x55cm
Touching the sky – Mixed media-75x55cm ©2012 – Cathy Read –

There’s something magnetic about the Gherkin.

The eye is compelled to follow the curved line of the structure towards the sky above. It’s a common trait of all high buildings but seems magnetically so in this instance. It’s what drew me to create this Gherkin painting.

But whilst it might look simple, it’s a proverbial pain in the neck to actually get those curves right. I finally achieved it, but my next project is going to have lots of straight lines a squares.

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