4 Arty Blogs I love – and I think you will too!

For any blogger, inspiring blogs are essential reading.

These 4 are a source I visit regularly.

For advice on the creative process and motivation

1- The 99 Percent

Motivation for the creative Entrepreneur or team member.

For ways to improve my writing

2- Copyblogger

Always worth a read. I’m learning so much new stuff.

For Art Business Advice

3- ArtBizBlog.com

For practical advice in an easy to digest format.

Finally for a creative burst and a chance to be Wowed…

4- This is Colossal

Full of wonderful things like this!

Laser Etching by Jason Thielke

By far and away my favourite. I could lose myself for hours here. So many talented people and projects all in one space.

I know there are others, so do you have any suggestions?





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