Epic Fail! Work in Progress…is still a work in progress

Ever arrange too much to do?

Well, I have this week. In fact, if I’m brutally honest, this year!

So, I’m not quite ready for the reveal yet…

OK, I’m not even vaguely near the reveal yet. I’ve been a hanging for Bucks Open Studios. but it’s all up now, so the next post should be the completed work.

In the meantime, here’s the open studios display


Now, watch this space, there will be a new picture very soon! I have two whole weeks of dedicated studio time…

Can you see me grinning?

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2 Replies to “Epic Fail! Work in Progress…is still a work in progress”

  1. It always amazes me how quickly you produce work. It’s not a fail, it’s a delay!

    1. Thanks Sue! Encouraging as always. I suppose why I class it as a fail is because it means I’ve not devoted enough time to studio work. Which means other stuff has got in the way of what I love. And I hate when that happens. But you’re right, it’s a delay.

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