Have a dream? Believe in your Art!

Believe in yourself if you want to succeed!

It’s true of any career but especially art. Tell anyone that you want to be an artist. Chances are they’ll say how difficult making living is in art!

©2012 - Cathy Read - The Vision of Milton Keynes - Mixed Media - 50 x 40 cm
©2012 - Cathy Read - The Vision of Milton Keynes - Mixed Media - 50 x 40 cm

And, while it may be true, it does nothing to help your confidence.

Most careers require a level of confidence. The truth is, if you don’t believe in yourself. Neither will anybody else!

At some point a conscious decision has to be made to become an Artist.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. So from that point on you have to believe in yourself, otherwise you’ll quit!

And quitting is easy!

You just choose a more “reliable” career path! Something with a steady income. I know, I’ve been there…

And I regret it.

If you have a dream then quitting is never easy. Especially if the skills required to achieve it come naturally to you.

Sure, you still need to work, but if you love it, it’s not work! Is it?

It’s natural to have doubts.

But anyone who achieves anything has had some doubts. But they’ve continued because to quit would be worse.

There will always be a cost whether you choose to pursue your dream or not.

It’s up to you to decide which price you want to pay.

Dreams are important and worth taking the risk for!

Of course, there’s a difference between delusion and dreams. Look at your dreams and  honestly ask yourself have you got what it takes to succeed!

If the answer is yes…

Go for it!

So where does your dream lie?

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