What Inspires the first painting of a year?

January is the time for a new beginnings.

Or, maybe, the reaffirmation of a dream!

Everyone struggles to get back into work after the break.

For me it’s deciding what to paint!

But, if all else fails, music usually does the trick.

And after initially struggling, the first week saw productivity! So, I feel I must share another first with you!

My first creation of the year…

©2012 Cathy Read This Woman's work - 38 x 28 cm - Mixed media
©2012 Cathy Read This Woman's work - 38 x 28 cm - Mixed media

A return to circle based abstracts! Not that I’ve ever really left them. But with diagrammatic interpretations…

And the Inspiration?

Why, the moving song This Woman’s work by Kate Bush!

(Although not a literal interpretation.)

Without a doubt, Kate is one of the my biggest musical influences.

Forget anyone else! I admire her innovative skill and sustained success.

But most of all her music makes me feel alive and inspired!

So, what was your first creation of the year? And, more to the point, who/what inspired it?

I’d love to know!

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2 Replies to “What Inspires the first painting of a year?”

  1. I have just started researching for my first “proper” painting of the year. It will show the influence of Casper David friedrich I expect and will be based on an as yet unselected image from national geographic.
    I am a huge fan of Kate and aerial has been massively important in my practice!
    Nice post

    1. Thanks Dean! Look forward to seeing the finished painting!

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