Essential guide to Anatomy for the squeamish!

Anatomical study is essential for drawing figures.

Many careers require the study of anatomy.  Art being but one. However, access to materials is sometimes difficult.

And sometimes people are just plain squeamish.

Anatomy can be really difficult to understand, especially in text books.

But, never mind, the solution is here…

 3D Paper models

First the Skeleton!

This one is cardboard. And even has all the origins and insertions conveniently named. Much better than your real skeleton.

And strike a pose!

We had one of these, but sadly Cedric is no longer with us…sniff!

Anyway, I digress…

You may need to see internal structures in detail….

3D Paper torso
3D Paper torso

This wonderful torso I found on This is collosal

What about muscle structure?

Try this!

Or maybe some surface surface anatomy?

The last 2 images are by Bert Simons and you can find more here, including full figures!

There you are!

Not an iccy, bloody, squidgy, smelly thing in sight!

Sorry, Why are you turning green?

So, do you know any other essential “study aids”?


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2 Replies to “Essential guide to Anatomy for the squeamish!”

  1. Kevin KHAYAT says:

    Whaaaaaoooou !!
    Can you tell me please where I can fin a cardboard Skeleton like your “Cedric” please !!!!!
    Thank you very muchhh !!!!

    1. Hi Kevin. I had put a link to one on the second image but it looks like they’re no longer selling it. Might be worth contacting to see if they could tell you a supplier. There’s a contact link on their site. Unfortunately we had Cedric a long time ago and I have never seen one like him since in a shop. Good luck with your search and please let me know if you’re successful.

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