Is it a boat, is it a plane? No it’s a…Station?

I love buildings.

Old building are fun and connect us to our past.

2011 Cathy Read Art -Digital Image - Central Park Station, Manchester
2011 Cathy Read Art -Digital Image - Central Park Station, Manchester

But new buildings have an infinite capacity to surprise!

Driving to Rochdale from Manchester I saw this…

On a familiar route traveled daily in my childhood. But unvisited for 10+ years.

Expecting to see a large railway works to be occupying the area. (Approx 1 square mile of 6 ft high brick walls with 4 ft high fencing atop)

I was anticipating a dull, dark and decaying urban scene.

But greeting me was some type of sculpture. Or so I first thought! It took a while to comprehend my first vision of Central Park Station.

I’m a little disappointed it has a function…

Like it needs one?

What do you think?

Expect the Unexpected is about seeing the unusual in everyday life or appreciating those sights that most of us walk by and ignore. Open your eyes and look for them!

If you have any images of unexpected sights you’d like me to share. Please email a jpeg to with a description about how and where you found it! Please note they must be REAL photos (no photo-shopping). Artwork in unusual places is fine.

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