Expect the Unexpected – The radical interior!

Public Buildings follow certain conventions, right?

  • Rooms – rectangular;
  • Staircases – straight with 90° or 180° turns or possibly spiral;
  • Doors and windows – rectangular
  • Surfaces – perpendicular or horizontal.
  • Decor varies, but essentially looking the same.


©2011 Interior of the Lowry - Cathy Read - Digital image
©2011 Interior of the Lowry - Cathy Read - Digital image

But then you get an interior that wows!

Like this one at the Lowry in Salford Quays.

Architecture that challenges the status quo. Whatever you might think of the style and colour scheme it grabs your attention!

And why not?

Something that Escher would have been proud of!

Have you any examples of interiors that take your breath away?

Expect the Unexpected is about seeing the unusual in everyday life or appreciating those sights that most of us walk by and ignore. Open your eyes and look for them!

If you have any images of unexpected sights you’d like me to share. Please email a jpeg to cathy@cathyreadart.com with a description about how and where you found it! Please note they must be REAL photos (no photo-shopping). Artwork in unusual places is fine.

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