Expect the unexpected – Art exhibition or torture chamber?

I have a feeling of deja vu about this post.

Two weeks ago, I discussed a strange art exhibit!

And here I am talking about another!

But this one takes weird to a new level.

Baffling Art, Tate Modern,
Freaky art exhibit at Tate Modern

I’m not sure what this artist is trying to say.

And I can’t remember who’s work it is and can only find disparaging references to it online. (I will find out!)

Particularly disturbing is the random illumination of items accompanied by sound effects reminiscent of Dr Frankenstein’s laboratory!

Again I’m baffled!!!

And I’m not sure this is what I want to see at an Art Gallery!

And after reading What do we want from our museums? I’m relieved to find I’m not alone!

So, does art need to be understood to be art?

Expect the Unexpected is about seeing the unusual in everyday life or appreciating those sights that most of us walk by and ignore. Open your eyes and look for them!

If you have any images of unexpected sights you’d like me to share. Please email a jpeg to cathy@cathyreadart.com with a description about how and where you found it! Please note they must be REAL photos (no photo-shopping). Artwork in unusual places is fine.

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