When you’re tired, look to your bed for inspiration!

Feeling tired and uninspired?

Me too!

I don’t feel like creating. Uninspiration surrounds me. I’m longing to return to my bed… to surrender to sleep…

But an idea strikes me!

Can bedsheets provide the key?

I wonder if anyone has actually created art out of sheets?

Sheet music lead me on a wild goose chase..!

But, then I find…


That there isn’t much in cyberspace. (sigh!)

Trolling the internet I find this…

Pretty, but on closer inspection I see they are towels. And it’s not ART that WOWS me.

A twist on napkin folding.

Other than using sheets as canvas, sheets aren’t used much as a medium.

Why so little, when drawing an unmade bed is a staple topic in Art schools? The folds of white fabric sheets challenge the artist to observe subtle gradation and tonal variation.

The most significant sheet art I can find? Is…

Tracy Emin’s famous bypassing of the drawing stage by presenting her bed as a finished work.

I’ll leave you to conjecture on it’s merits…

So, help me out here?

Do you have any examples of impressive art inspired by sheets?

Or, maybe you’d like to create some!

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