Should sketching be a foundation for painting?

©2011-Cathy Read- Salford Quays - Ink on A4 paper
©2011-Cathy Read- Salford Quays - Ink on A4 paper

Sketching is a pain…

Or so I’ve always felt.

I’m too impatient. Cross hatching and shading is slow. I like picking up a brush and painting immediately.

I now realise my main problem is…

Drawing isn’t sketching!

I’ll say that again.

Sketching and drawing are not the same thing. Although we use them like they are.  And it took me a while to realise that.

Sketching frees up your mind!

Allowing you to figure out the potential errors in a composition and improving the quality of the finished line. It’s fast, free and dynamic.

Drawing is controlled, precise.

Yes, it can begin with sketching but you end up correcting the errors as the work progresses. But I like the errors, the mismash of lines as you define the correct one.

I work in pen, an unforgiving medium. It gives cleaner lines and doesn’t smudge when the book is closed. Whilst I admit to missing the gradation of pencil, ink travels well.

I’d been drawing! With this single revelation, the penny dropped. Suddenly I was sketching in volume and loving it.

But, in preparing for paintings, my reluctance to sketch persists.

Sure I sketch, but I’m painting other things.

By sketching in earnest this past fortnight. I’m addressing the issue.

They’re destined to be painted afterwards.

Starting with this one!

And, just so I don’t back out, I’ll be posting the finished painting next week!

Watch this space…

So, have you been neglecting your sketching?

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