Experiencing a conceptual art project!

Major projects are never routine.

So I’m sharing my experience with the Morning Til Night performance at Tate Modern.

I arrived early for my 11.30 start – ecstatic it wasn’t 6.30am! The official Start time!

It was organised chaos!

Katarina Seda‘s vision was to recreate her home village of Bedřichovice in the centre of London.

This required positioning 80 artists along the boundaries of a virtual Czech village which had been superimposed on the London streets.

Simples? Not!

Spots were allocated in advance so it was a case of identifying the numbers on a very small scale map. Then finding the numbered chalk cross in the city streets. For many artists geography is not a strength.

The concept was to paint specific scenes from the Czech village overlooking the London Landscape from the corresponding position.

Finding my cross St Pauls and the Tate Modern I started painting. Then I met Katerina who pointed out I should be facing the uninspiring wall behind me. Adding to the joke and bemusement of passers by.

©2011 Cathy Read - From Morning til night at Tate Modern Pitch 137
©2011 Cathy Read - From Morning til night at Tate Modern Pitch 137

Mind you, my neighbour Grace’s position was worse!

On a traffic island between cycle path and road. Once her easel was up, she had to stand in the road!

Certain death with London Traffic!

She rebelled! Moving to the pavement.

And there we stayed all day.

In brilliant sunshine. Blagging suncream, creating makeshift shade. Looking at London…

and painting Czech scenery!

We spoke to passers by and visitors to the project.

We thanked God for the close proximity of Pret-a-manger with it’s coffee, food and facilities. (The Tate‘s were 1/2 a mile walk away- albeit very pretty!)

While we were painting 80 Villagers from Bedřichovice were re-enacting their daily activities outside the Tate Modern.

Completed painting
Completed painting

As artist’s finished they moved to new pitches defining the boundaries more.

Sharing artistic creations at the evening social in the Tate Modern
Sharing artistic creations at the evening social

I hadn’t quite finished at quitting time! There’s a lot of masking fluid hidden in there which will probably fall off in time. You can see it closer here

A social in the Tate modern followed. An evening of much celebrating and sharing.

Debbie Atkinson's Painting for From Morning Til night
Debbie Atkinson's Painting for From Morning Til night

And there were some pretty amazing creations. Like this one by Debbie Atkinson.

During the speeches we were informed that the works will be published in a book, details to follow…

 Oh, and there was plenty of networking darling!

There are few things more inspiring than walking home on a warm Saturday evening. Knowing you’ve been part of something amazing!

Right, I think that’s out of my system!

What next? Any suggestions?

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