Twitter power – Being in the right virtual place at the right time!

2011- Cathy Read -Tate Modern- Digital Image
2011- Cathy Read -Tate Modern- Digital Image

Social media is an amazing development.

And I think all artists should be using it!

Why you may ask?

Because you never know what doors it may open!

Artists should take risks. And not just in their work.

Opportunities can arise in the most unexpected of places! Social media is one of those places.

Last week before going away I found a Tweet by the Tate Modern.

It was a call to Artists to participate in a conceptual art project by Katarina Seda
I had many other things I should have been doing… And I mean MANY, MANY things!

I hesitated for a moment…

And was sorting out my application that evening.

After all, what did I have to lose apart from the time filling in a form?

Focussing on the holiday, I forgot about it completely!

On returning I found an email inviting me to participate.


An opportunity to work at one of the most famous Galleries in London!

All by reading a chance Tweet.

The event’s on 3rd September, I Can’t wait!

So, are you finding any good tweets with potential? Do share!


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