Expect the Unexpected- Shark infested terraces!

Those of us who spent time in Oxford will be aware of…

“The Shark”!

And here he is…

Headington Shark
Headington shark

The Headington shark is something of a local celebrity! Created by John Buckley on commission for radio presenter and cinema club owner Bill Heine!

The Shark landed in 1986 to local consternation.

Disapproval was far from universal however. The local council finally awarding planning permission retrospectively after long legal battles.

And it’s celebrating it’s 25th Birthday this week!

It’s not something you come across everyday! And it still surprises after 25 years.

So how could I not include it?

Happy Birthday Mr Shark!

So are you aware of any other high flying sealife?

Expect the Unexpected is about seeing the unusual in everyday life or appreciating those sights that most of us walk by and ignore. Open your eyes and look for them!

If you have any images of unexpected sights you’d like me to share. Please email a jpeg to cathy@cathyreadart.com with a description about how and where you found it! Please note they must be REAL photos (no photo-shopping). Artwork in unusual places is fine.

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2 Replies to “Expect the Unexpected- Shark infested terraces!”

    1. Sadly not anymore. Oxford is something of an enigma, and I miss it! But I’m close enough to revisit!.

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