Expect the unexpected – Defying Gravity

Ever seen something which defies the rules?

I’ve recently discovered deconstructivism in architecture.

By “discover” I mean I’ve “found out what it’s called”.

I’ve always been aware of it. And there’s nothing quite like coming across a building and wondering how it remains standing.
Like when visiting Manchester…

Being greeted by this view of The Hilton Hotel as I drove up the road.


Hilton Hotel Manchester - photo by Peter Downes

I mean, this shouldn’t be possible!

Should it?

I know logically it must be possible. But when I see it I want to scream…

“Watch out everyone it’s about to fall!”

So, know any other impossible things you’d like to share?

Expect the Unexpected is about seeing the unusual in everyday life or appreciating those sights that most of us walk by and ignore. Open your eyes and look for them!

If you have any images of unexpected sights you’d like me to share. Please email a jpeg to cathy@cathyreadart.com with a description about how and where you found it! Please note they must be REAL photos (no photo-shopping). Artwork in unusual places is fine.

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