5 reasons to Value the Visitors Book!

©2011-Cathy Read -Untitled 8-14.5 x 20.5cm -Mixed Media
©2011-Cathy Read -Untitled 8-14.5 x 20.5cm -Mixed Media

Do you use a visitors/comments book at events?

As my first Open Studios event disappears in the mists of time.

It is  time to take stock.

I’ve had a pretty good first year. Especially as a solo artist exhibiting in the far north of the county. But, what lessons have I learned?


When I first went to art event I saw a visitors book as a quaint tradition.

It’s True! Charming, but ultimately pointless, except for the sense of self congratulation it might give the owner.

But now I’ve twigged. A visitors book is so much more.

1. Receiving feedback from visitors.

People generally only write good things, especially if they’re observed when completing it. If they dislike what they see, they prefer silence. So, it’s biased in favour of the good. But that’s no bad thing in some respects.

2. Knowing what people like means you can create more of it!

Not that you should tailor your art exclusively to public whims.

3. Acquiring contact details.

The names of people who might wish to hear more about your work or exhibitions. That’s not to say you should bombard them with letters or emails. But it’s a first point of contact.. and a very useful one if you listen to marketing experts.

4. Providing “Social Proof”

People tend to like things that other people like. It’s human nature.

5. Getting you through down days.

When work isn’t going so well. When you don’t feel like an artist.

Reading positive things other’s have said about your work can help lift your spirits. Sure, you should believe in yourself. Otherwise find another career. But comments can help to bridge the low days by reminding you that others appreciate your work.

Have I missed out any benefits?

Please let me know.

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