This Artist is saying “Goodbye” to Procrastination!

©2011-Cathy Read- First Encounter - 15 x 21cm - Mixed media on paper
©2011-Cathy Read- First Encounter - 15 x 21cm - Mixed media on paper

Sometimes working alone can feel demoralising!

I feel I’ve achieved nothing and that I’ll never succeed…

It’s at times like these I realise the importance of business plans and goals.

And why everyone needs to stop and assess their progress from time to time.

This past week has been somewhat frenetic. I have a tendency to delay until the last minute, which usually results in blind panic, lack of sleep as I work into the wee small hours, suffer insomnia or wake early because my mind is buzzing with all that needs to be done.

I quite like working to a deadline but every year I feel I must get better organised.

Being an artist requires more than creating art. You need a business approach and understanding. It’s an area I recognise, although it comes far from easily to me!

I felt I was failing  and that things weren’t going well.

I decided to whip the business side of things into shape.

I’d bought some image management software, so began organising the image records. – An ongoing job as I have a lot of work to catalogue!

My first discovery was lists with images!

This seriously eased the burden! I could plan which work I need to allocate to a gallery/exhibition without having to manhandle all the paintings. Then print as my consignment note! It also stops me submitting the same picture to 2 different venues at the same time.

Next I noticed an Exhibitions tag!

Completing that has made me realise how far I’ve come in the last year!

When I did this post 11 months ago, I’d not been accepted by any Galleries. Simply because I hadn’t tried. I’d been creating work like mad but showing very little.

Fear had prevented me!

I’ve now had my work in 6 galleries/Art Centres, numerous locations on the Buckingham Art Trail, a Major retail outlet, a museum and a Tourist information Centre. Plus 5 art group exhibitions and 3 art fairs. I’ve sold work and cards and met so many interesting and amazing people in the process!

Not bad for 11 months! Even if I do say so myself!

Could I have done more?

Yes! So much more! Old habits can be hard to break.

There are opportunities I’ve missed partly through disorganisation and cash flow. But mainly through fear. My own fear of rejection and failure.

But I’ve learned that my fear can be beaten! And being accepted more than makes up for the prior fears!

I’m in a stronger position to approach other galleries than this time last year! I’m more organised and know what to expect. I understand galleries better. What they want, what work to present and how.

So how about you? Have you taken stock of the last year and been pleasantly surprised? I’d love to know!

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3 Replies to “This Artist is saying “Goodbye” to Procrastination!”

  1. Love the picture with this post Cathy.

    It’s very good advice, and congratulations on all your success this year.

    Can I procrastinate a little longer before I follow your example, it’s comfortable?

    1. Thank you for your kind words, they’re much appreciated.
      I hear where you’re coming from and am in two minds how to reply. Yes, procrastination is comfortable, I’ve spent plenty of time there. But I’m not sure it can beat the elated feeling which comes from seeing a dream realised! Depends which feeling you prefer I suppose… You’re in charge of your destiny!

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