Let the art speak for itself!

If you’re like me, there are days when you want to avoid hype and hyperbole.

Avoid people analysing the value of a work!

©2011 - Cathy Read - Isolation - mixed media -14.7cm x 21cm
©2011 - Cathy Read - Isolation - mixed media -14.7cm x 21cm

Experts with well-constructed informative, dialogues! That would normally speak books to you!

But today they leave you cold!

You know the feeling?

You want to escape preconceived ideas and historical perspectives. No arguments, debates, conflict, confrontation!

What you seek is an immediate personal connection with the work.

A personal response to what you’re seeing. An emotional, gut response. You want the work alone to speak to you!











©2011 - Cathy Read - Serendipity- 14.7cm x 21cm
©2011 – Cathy Read – Serendipity- 14.7cm x 21cm



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4 Replies to “Let the art speak for itself!”

  1. I think in this image the artist is trying to… enough. It’s lovely, no explanation or discussion needed 🙂

  2. Cathy Read,

    I like your art. Maybe it’s the circles that speak to me of an eternal order to the chaos beneath.

    The artist in me would like to agree with you about not needing analysis, but the historian in me likes to put works of art in a larger historical context.

    I think there is a use for both approaches, but as an artist the criticism is at best a secondary concern.

    Aaron Fung

    1. Hello Aaron, Thank you! So pleased you like my work.

      I’m sure you’re right, both have their uses. I think what I was really trying to say is that sometimes it’s OK just to enjoy the work without worrying about the analysis.

      BTW I’m with you on the circles!

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