Finding Inspiration for Art in unexpected places!

When dreaming of being an artist, I only had one fear…


That my ideas might dry up!

Would I be able to sustain a prolonged period of creativity? Year after year would I grow and develop new concepts?

That fear has proved to be accurate.

I have periods of unproductivity.

Times when I cannot think what to do!

But I’ve learned 2 things which help…

  1. You need to capture ideas as soon as possible after they occur. Sketch or smartphone. Whatever works for you!
  2. You should always be on the lookout for inspiration! Whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. With no exceptions!

Take my picture above. Expect the Unexpected.

The idea came after one of my jaunts to Manchester. I tend to park just outside the city centre. Then walk in to enjoy the galleries.

On returning to my car, I glanced to the left.  Between 2 smart apartment blocks.

Suspended in mid air, I spotted a metal ball sculpture.

©2011 Cathy Read Art - digital image
©2011 Cathy Read Art - digital image

I had to look closely to see the wires holding it up. The sunlight dazzled on the gold metal. It was so unexpected.

In an area with car parks and otherwise scrappy looking buildings the contrast was deafening!

I had to take a picture!

Then produced the abstract above! I’m now basing one of my City Landscapes series on it.

So have you had any unexpected inspirations? Please share!


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2 Replies to “Finding Inspiration for Art in unexpected places!”

  1. You never know where you’ll get inspiration. Glad you saw this and I like your abstract from it.

    1. Thanks Sue! I’ve finished the Cityscape now! I’ll put it up sometime this week. When I’ve some decent light to photograph it in.

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