Great art that’s rubbish! And the artists would agree!

Some of the best art is rubbish!

It’s true!

Art created from found objects and discarded rubbish is amazing. But I don’t mean ones where junk and found objects have been strategically placed.

The ones I love are those where the items are transformed into something else.

You know it’s made up of rubbish, but it’s so much more.

Like when Blue Peter used junk to create a “Tracy Island” or dolls house. Unmodified rubbish on display can work… but it doesn’t rock my boat! Not like this stuff.

Scrap art is so much cooler!

Take Anthony Gormley’s figure in Canterbury Cathedral. Revealed last week.

Made entirely out of old roof nails!


The love has always been there but became a passion when I found this guy below. I call him the Dragon biker. There were no details! (Note this – Artists should always sign there work!!!!)

Dragon Biker outside garage in Dawlish
2002 Cathy Read -Digital image

We came across him in Dawlish in 2002 (don’t have a pic without my son in it.) It’s gone now. But I’d love to know what happened to it.

There’s something inspiring about creative recycling. It’s an awesome talent!

Recycled art has an accessibility to the common man. We all throw “stuff” away. Discard objects at an alarming rate, without a thought or care for the consequences.

But to see an object designed for one purpose and transform it into an astonishing piece of aesthetic artwork…

Is a form of magic!

I delight in recognising the familiar and mundane; Headlamps, fish slices, plastic forks….the list goes on.

Scrap art can be rough and ready like dragon bike.

Or it can be taken to whole new level of etherial beauty and elegance. Like this fish made from kitchen untensils!*


Or this stunning shark at London Zoo – made from car hubcaps!

So you see some art really is rubbish! And the artists would probably agree!

But it’s also a whole lot more!

I’ve found so much scrap art in researching for this feature. Too much for one post! So, I’ve decided to keep on the theme for the next 2 weeks.

If you have any stunning links you’d like to share with everyone, please post a link or email me at and I’ll do my best to include it!

*(click on the picture to see loads more) Sadly the site does not credit the artists, so if you recognise anyone’s work please comment and I can credit accordingly!
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