Developing an art blog

I was one this week!

OK, I confess (before you start contacting Mensa or the men in white coats) not me myself but this blog celebrated its first birthday!

Looking back at my first post… I cringe!!!!

Several times.

Like so much in life a blog is a learning opportunity. I don’t reckon I’ve cracked it yet, but I like to think I’ve made some progress in the last 365 369 days.

If I started the blog today, would my first post be any better?

The answer has to be yes. But without those intervening blog entries, I couldn’t write the entries I do now. As an artist who blogs I find the blogging hard. I chose art, because I can express myself most effectively visually.

Words are a whole new medium.

Why Blog in the first place?

Predominantly to show off my work! Like my “Window on the past” here!

*Cut to an example of shameless promotion!*

©2010 Cathy Read -Window on the past- 40.6x50.8cm- Mixed media on paper

Blogging started as a way to share my work.

But it’s become more than that. As a self-taught artist, so much of my art understanding is gleaned from public sources. I haven’t studied art formally, well not until now. But I have studied other subjects to post-graduate level.

And education teaches you how to learn

– or at least it should!

With all learning there comes a time when the student starts dictating the direction of their study. Teachers will guide that learning but the onus is on the student. And that’s been happening with me.

Part of this process is creative writing.

Writing blog entries focuses my thoughts. I still have a lot to learn, but I think I’m getting there. I might lack the framework of art theory but I’m plugging the gaps. I’ve developed pockets of deeper understanding.

I question my own views on art. Both other peoples art and mine! My views can change, some might say for the worst! But artistic development requires opinions to be challenged as new ideas and understanding emerge.

Another feature of blogs are Comments! They allow for active discussion with real people who challenge my thinking. So if you feel like challenging my views, go ahead! I only ask for civility and understanding. Any idiot can condemn and abuse but it takes wisdom to provide constructive criticism! And from such criticism comes greater understanding!

Next week I’ll share some insights learned from this blogging process!

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