Urban Decay – finding art inspiration in the neglected places of childhood!

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing! Let the past be, move on and look forward!

It’s a concept I’ve pondered for a long time. By seeking information about the past, am I moving backward?

Possibly? But have you ever had a burning desire to create art inspired by the past?

I grew up in Manchester.  Amidst smoke blackened cotton mills, crumbling and dilapidated. Partially derelict,  ghosts of more prosperous days.

Daily I passed active, smelly mills walking to school. The contrast between these vast edifices and the green fields beyond impressed me and still does. I always felt the buildings were beautiful.

Not just the fabric of the buildings, but as a poignant reminder of success the result of suffering. Exploitation at it’s worst.

Ironically, it’s not a thing of the past. While countries such as India and China have appalling labour laws, this is as much a contemporary issue as it is nostalgic. Only the locations have changed.

After a year mulling over ideas for art based on these buildings, I found this article on urban decay in Epbot. Some painting ideas are deep seated. A Primal need for the art to emerge.

Spurred by a childish fascination with their vastness tinged with sorrow at the inevitability of decay. I was inspired with renewed vigour and set on a quest. To root out images of the buildings that were the backdrop to my childhood. Now long since gone.

But I was still unsure how I wished to tackle the subject. Images were fine…but what medium to use.

It needed a textural approach. After creating work in the style of Mike Bernard during a recent mixed media class. A Light bulb moment occurred…

This was my first attempt!

 Times Mill

What do you think?

Me? I can see a series emerging…

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