How’s the best way to get yourself noticed as an artist?

Use a broad range of styles or one unique style?

Recently, I’ve spent far too many hours wondering how to promote myself. I’ve come to a conclusion my problem is direction. Specifically the lack of it!

I enjoy creating art, and I love to experiment with new things, so the tendency has been to be a “Jack of all trades”. But this leads to confusion amongst the art buying public. Or so I understand from what I’ve read and learned from other sources.

How can you be recognised for a style if your “style” keeps changing? Now, if you put it like that, it all makes sense! Doesn’t it?

Do one thing…

do it lots…

and do it really, really, really well!

Conclusion? I need to focus on the art I’m good at and not worry about repeating myself. well not too much, anyway.

I have a dilemma then! What is “MY style”? Looking back at my work. A style seems to have emerged…

And I think this one sums it up quite nicely.

Emotional support

It’s a piece I created in February but struggled to name. “Head over heels” possibly.  “Stricken to the core” no, it’s about love and stricken isn’t right. “Truly, madly deeply” Hmm, that’s a film isn’t it? “The power of love” – song title,

No wait, it’s 3

this one

this one

and this one?

“Emotional support” – I think I’ll go with that for now. Something better might evolve but it’s fine for a working title. Please add a comment if you do have any suggestions.

So, where am I headed with the artwork? Oh, I think one style has to be the way!

You should always do what you know and do it well!

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